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Sociolingüística catalana

Insurance companies and language uses, attitudes and services, by Institut DEP and Joan Solé i Camardons


All sizes of insurance company approve of the Generalitat’s language policy.

Table 9. How far do you agree with the fact that, in Catalonia…?


I wholly agree

I agree to some extent

I am indifferent

I disagree somewhat

I wholly disagree

Consumers, customers or suppliers should be addressed in Catalan if they so wish






All employees and managers dealing with the general public should know how to read, speak and write in Catalan.






The Generalitat of Catalonia should promote the use of Catalan in all economic and social spheres






5. Interest in Language Services

5.1. General interest

The majority of insurance companies (83.3 %) would like to collaborate with the Department for Culture in the sphere of their services, as they believe that adjusting their products to the requirements of the Language Policy Act and to the demands of the Catalan public would help improve their business offer. Of the 72 companies that were interviewed, 60 were interested in receiving more information about the services of the Department for Culture.

5.2. Interest according to service type

Most of the services put forward were rated highly by company managers. In total, 80 % of the companies interviewed displayed a strong interest in resolving immediate problems (one-off queries about specific terminology) and information about language tools (both bibliographical and computer) and the provision of these.

Figure 5, based on averages, reveals high scores for all services, on a scale where 0 equals absolutely no interest and 10 a strong interest. The first three services (with averages over 8) have a particularly strong appeal: information about spell checkers, text checkers and computer programmes in Catalan, one-off queries about specific terminology and the supply of specific vocabulary.

Figure 6. Please indicate your company's interest in the following service offered by the Department for Culture

5.3. Diccionari Multiterm Assegurances

Just 25 % of UCEAC insurance companies own a copy of the Diccionari Multiterm Assegurances (Multiterm Insurance Dictionary), fruit of a collaboration between the Department for Culture and the UCEAC. Thus, it is clear that the sector is not making extensive use of this tool. A high proportion of managers (18.1 %) were unaware whether they had a copy of the dictionary, and 57 % of companies affirm that they do not own a copy of this bibliographical reference



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