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CAHIAQ's Newsletter

The CAHIAQ's Newsletter (Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality) is a periodical publication distributed without charge. Its aims are the diffusion of the CAHIAQ's assessment, research and teaching activities, and to contribute to the dissemination of health technology assessment results.

Here we list the lastest CAHIAQ's Newsletter issues published. If you need to have access to older numbers, you can obtain them through the Publications menu, in the section Assessment and research reports .

CAHTA's Newsletter subscription
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 47, March 2010
Editorial: Choice architecture - Immigrant and native population: health and use of services - Lower respiratory tract infections in children - Coronary stents in Spanish hospitals - Renewing health: a telemedicine project - Telephone-based counselling and home care in the reduction of hospital emergencies - Drug assessment: local and international iniciatives - The ISOR project and assessment of the impact of research in decision-making - eHealth Conference Barcelona 2010 - Interview: Cyril Frank.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 46, December 2009
Editorial: Obama's health care reform CAHTA projects - Childhood and youth obesity from the evidence - Rapid screening test for HIV - Electronic prescribing system in the Catalan territory - Multiple chemical sensitivity - Attributing social impacts to research - PET research in Catalonia Research - Conference for the presentation of the 2004 CAHTA Research Call results - 14 new research projects, results of the 2008 CAHTA - Interview: Carles Tobar i Pascual.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 45, September 2009
Editorial: Diagnostic imaging techniques: benefits and uncertainties - New evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the management of stroke, schizophrenia and eating disorders - Perception of school bullying in children and adolescents - Shared Clinical Record in Catalonia - Amotosalen for inactivation of pathogens - Early detection of ischemic cardiopathy in asymptomatic diabetic patients - Minority diseases, the target of the 2009 TV3 Telethon - Interview: Carlos Sisternas.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 44, May 2009
Editorial: New challenges, new agency - HIFU and live cancer - Prenatal screening of Down Syndrome - EUnetHTA Handbook capacity building - FRAX and risc of osteoporotic fracture - Respiratory rehabilitation in health spas - Social impact of the research - Grant Call 2008 - Interview: Barbara Starfield.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 43, June 2008
Editorial: Fifteen years collaborating in Health Technology Assessment in Europe - Healthcare process and results of high complexity digestive cancer surgery: Oncorisc study - Results and products of the EUnetHTA project - A priority system for patients on waiting lists for assisted human reproduction techniques - Organization of an arthroplasty registry in the Spanish National Health System: Delphi study - Call for topics. CAHTA 2008 Research Call - Involvement of patients/carers in the development of CPG - Sample size: amongst error, variability and effect. 
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 42, February 2008
Editorial: The final frontier? - Analysing the characteristics and outcomes of hip and knee artrhoplasty - The Kidscreen follow-up - Defining process and assessment indicators. Assessing healtcare practice in oncology - Oncological and reconstructive breast surgery in Andalusia and Catalonia - Priorisation of topics for clinical and health services research in Catalonia - Outcome assessment of projects funded by CAHTA calls - Closing event of the 2002 CAHTA Call - Research funding agencies bet for Open Access - Literature search protocols: towards systematisation in information retrieval.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 41, September 2007
Editorial: What about drugs? - Palivizumab in the prophylaxis of hospitalisation from respiratory syncytial virus infection in infants - Three-year effectiveness of radical prostatectomy, brachytherapy and external conformal radiotherapy in localized prostate cancer - Respiratory rehabilitation systems: eFlow, The Vest and Coughassist - Description  of cancer screening in Spain. DESCRIC Project - 2006 research call of the Fundació La Marató de TV3 on chronic pain -  Composite/combined endpoints, outcomes in clinical trials.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 40, November 2006
Editorial: Assessment of biomedical research - Update on some of the CAHTA clinical practice guidelines - International arthroplasty registers - Photodynamic therapy in patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration - Call Research CAHTA 2006 - 2005 research call of the Fundació La Marató de TV3 on neurosciences - Ethical and legal challenges of genetic counselling in hereditary cancer - Assessment of biomedical research teams.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 39, Abril 2006
Editorial: The great paradoxes - Assessment of the therapeutic procedure and its outcomes in digestive oncology: initial results - CAHTA participation in the EUnetHTA project - The CoCanCPG Project - Guide for the indication of bone densitometry. Update December 2004 - Isolated limb perfusion with tumour necrosis factor alpha and melphalan for patients with melanoma of the limb - OncoGuide for genetic counselling in hereditary cancer - HRQoL in children and adolescents: the Spanish versions of the VSP-A and KINDL-R questionnaires - Call Research Proposals 2006 - Advantages and limitations of digital radiology systems - Odds ratio and relative risks.
CAHTA's Newsletter, Issue 38, January 2006
Editorial: Like a rolling stone - Scientific productivity of La Marató de TV3: bibliometric analysis - Catalan Arthroplasties Register: results of the analysis of the CMBDAH - Cochlear implants in adults and children - Indication for PET in oncology in Catalonia - OncoGuides 2004: ovary, prostate, oropharynx, Hodgkin's lymphoma and paediatric tumours of the central nervous system - 2004 research call of the Fundació La Marató de TV3 on cancer - Factors influenciny the behaviour of the population in choosing hospital emergency services - The Commitee of Assessment of New Medicinal Products (CANM): 5 years of experience - QALY: definition, limitations and applications. 

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