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Bai Euskarari Ziurtagiria. The Bai Euskarari Certificate, by Roberto Gutiérrez


On December 23, 1998, in the presence of the president of Linguapax Félix Martí, 23 organizations signed the Bai Euskarari Agreement in Pamplona:

Sports Organizations:

Athletic Club Bilbao
Aviron Bayonnais
Deportivo Alavés
Real Sociedad


CFDT, French Democratic Work Confederation of the Basque Country
EHNE (Agricultural union)
ELB (Agricultural union)

Business and Financial Organizations:

ANEL, Navarrese Association of Labor Businesses
ASLE, Euskadi Labor Corporations Association Caja Laboral - Euskadiko Kutxa
Hemen (association supporting economic initiative)
Herrikoa (venture capital company)
Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa


Mondragon Unibertsitatea
University of Deusto
University of Navarra

Other Businesses:

Diocese of Pamplona
Federation of Regional Centers
Kontseilua – Council of Social Organizations of Euskera

1.3.2 Invitation for other agents to participate in the process

From February to May of 1999 1,500 social agents from Southern Basque Country (the Spanish state) were invited to participate in the agreement, and a few months later the same things were done with 600 agents from Northern Basque Country (in the French state). In each case we are talking about non-public entities (including private companies with public capital) that are provincial or larger since the involvement process of local agents was left for the second phase for reasons of organizational and communicational convenience. Although one third affirmative responses were forecasted, finally 899 agents responded affirmatively, 687 in the South and 212 in the North. The complete list of organizations that signed the Agreement can be seen on Kontseilua’s web page; as the list below shows, they covered all areas of society:

Sectorial Diversity of the Agents Who Signed the Agreement
sectorial diversity of the agents who signed the Agreement

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