The Path of the Hermitage

Throug this route we’ll discover the ancient hermitages located on the southern side of “Vall Mala” stream, built around the “Les Gorres” rock group, with the famous “Gorra Frígia” dominating the whole group.

Once in front the Abat Oliba apartments building, we’ll head up the paved road passing in front of the lower Sant Joan funicular station, which will lead us to Sant Miquel chapel.

Sant Miquel Path

After twenty minutes we’ll reach Sant Miquel cross viewpoint diversion (signposted), wich offers breathtaking views to all visitors.

A few further meters higher we find Sant Miquel chapel.

Sant Miquel' Chapel

Following the ascendant track we will find the Sant Miquel’s pool, linked most probably to the remote origins of the chapel.

We’ll get to the Pla de Sant Miquel in around five minutes, where you will find a crossroad: one path going down on the left hand side towards Santa Cova and Collbato’s road, another flat one -known as Les Bateries road- and the last one that goes upwards direction Sant Joan.

Signposted at Pla de Sant Miquel

We’ll take the latter with a steep slope wich is bound to Pla de les Taràntules, a plain just in front the upper Sant Joan funicular station.

The Nature Hall is located in the same building, and holds information on the history of the mountain, its climatic characteristics and its fauna and flora.

Pla de les TarĂ ntules

Among the different trails leaving from here, we must choose the one to the left, Sant Joan’s trail.

From Sant Joan chapel we may continue a little further up to the remains of the ancient hermitages of Sant Joan and Sant Onofre, both embedded in a long crack in the rock.

Sant Joan Chapel

Along the crack you can see numerous hundred-year-old stone sculptures. The recovery of Jacob’s stairway allows access to Santa Magdalena hermitage.

Ruins of Sant Joan and Sant Onofre

Now we may return to the main trail by the same way back to the monastery, or we can alternatively take Sant Joan funicular at Pla de les Taràntules.

Route Map

Route Map

Map of services on Montserrat

Map of services on Montserrat

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