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Downpours, flooding and floods
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Downpours, flooding and floods

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Risk of floods

Flooding regularly occurs in Catalonia, especially at the end of the summer and during autumn. The high risk of floods is owed to the Mediterranean climate, varied relief and considerable density of population. While the areas at greatest risk are those situated along all rivers in Catalonia, the worst affected are the watercourses , and built-up areas with the highest density of population.


The Inuncat Plan is the basic tool for emergency action in the event of flooding in Catalonia. Its main aim is to determine the warnings, organisation and the procedures for action of the administrations and private entities when faced with a flood.

Various phases measure the initial alert level and the subsequent emergency level. They also define the means of action to be undertaken by emergency teams at each moment.

Their role is to prevent damage and they endow INUNCAT with a complex structure that can be consulted in its entirety on the web page of the Directorate General for Emergencies.

Download flood prevention campaign (INUNCAT 2006)


Before the rains

Stay informed in the event of an emergency:

  • Memorise the emergency services number 112.
  • Follow the instructions of the authorities.
  • Listen to the radio for information.
  • Call 012 or consult the website of the Catalan Traffic Service.

Before the rain season begins:

  • Check where the main power switch and the water and gas valves are located in your home.
  • Check the roof of your building regularly and ensure that the rainwater ducts and drains are kept clear.
  • Keep a small emergency kit at hand. It should include a radio fitted with batteries, a torch, medicine, warm clothes and personal documents. Mobiles phones can be extremely helpful.
During the rain

If you are caught in a major downpour:

  • Take shelter in a safe building.
  • Keep away from watercourses, streams and areas subject to flooding.
  • Do not cross an area under flood, on foot or by car.
  • Do not park or camp on a dry riverbed or on the banks of a river.
  • Move away from the end of a hill.
  • Make for higher ground. When travelling by car, stick to the main roads and motorways.
  • In very low visibility, pull over and alert other motorists as to your position using the hazard triangles.

If at home or in a building:

  • Do not go down to the basement or remain in the lower parts of the building.
  • Do not leave objects and furniture outside which may be swept away in the flood.
  • Shut all windows and doors.
  • Store valuable items and hazardous objects securely at a safe height. Turn off the power at the mains supply.

Should leaving the house become necessary:

  • Turn off the water and gas mains and disconnect the main power supply.
  • Close and secure the doors and windows.
After the rain

On returning home once the danger has passed:

  • Inspect the building first to ensure it is not in danger of collapsing.
  • If you are unsure whether the water is drinkable, use bottled water.
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