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Ramon Margalef Award
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Ramon Margalef Award

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Ramon Margalef Award Ecology

What is it?

The Government of Catalonia has decided to honour the memory of scientist Ramon Margalef by naming a science award after him. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge people around the world for outstanding achievement in the fields of ecology or environmental sciences.

Ramon Margalef, Menorca 2001: "We have a direct responsibility for the treatment we make of the world. This sense of responsibility is stronger if we go by the pretension of being a very advanced society."


The award acknowledges a career or discovery that constitutes a major advance for scientific knowledge or an improvement to the theoretical tools for an optimised management of natural resources. It can be granted both to individuals and legal entities or groups around the world.

Ted Packard, Institut Ciències del Mar:

"He devoted himself to science, to discovering new things. For him, science was everything. He wasn't afraid of using ideas from other disciplines. He made an integration of everything."


Professor Ramon Margalef López died in Barcelona in 2004. He was one of the main researchers and thinkers of modern ecology. His biography shows his first-rate intellectual career that needs to be conveyed to new generations. The award that bears his name was created with this very aim in mind.

Ramon Margalef, Menorca 2001:

"I think that the most relevant aspect to consider about astrology and the preservation of nature is that since the world began, the whole structure of the planet has changed. At first there were small human communities, and now there's a big human mass and no space for nature, which has been reduced to a few spots. Neither geographers nor politicians are becoming aware of this structural change to the landscape."
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