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Partner: Bendtsen, Preben
Department of Health and Society, Social Medicine and Public Health Science, Linköping University, Linköping

Group Members: Romelsjö, Anders  
Stockholm University, Stockholm  

Spak, Fredrik 
Göteborgs University, Göteborgs

Brandell, Astri 
National Institute of Family Medicine (FAMMI)  

Damström Thakker, Kerstin 
PHC Researcher 

Johansson, Kjell 
PHD Student 

Documentation developed during the PHEPA I PROJECT
  Country Strategy
  Country profile
  Baseline Assessment

Translated Phepa documents

Clinical Guidelines
Training Program

More information about Sweden

· Basic Information on Alcohol Policy
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol policy 2004
· Country Profile on alcohol
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol 2004

· Infrastructures for Alcohol Policy
Bridging the Gap Infrastructures questionnaire

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