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Partner: Heather, Nick
School of Psychology & Sport Sciences, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Team Members: Longley, Mary  
Alcohol Concern, Waterbridge House, London

Phillips, Richard
Alcohol Concern, Waterbridge House, London

Foster, John
Dept. Of Health, Mental and Biological Sciences, Middlesex University, Queensway, Enfield,   Middlesex

Harris, Linda
Wakefield Integrated Substance Misuse Service, Grosvenor House, Wakefield

Waller, Seta 
Health Development Agency, Holborn Gate, London

Documentation developed during the PHEPA I PROJECT
  Country Strategy
  Country profile
  Baseline Assessment

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More information about England

· Basic Information on Alcohol Policy
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol policy 2004
· Country Profile on alcohol
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol 2004

· Infrastructures for Alcohol Policy
Bridging the Gap Infrastructures questionnaire
The SBI Implementation Strategy for England , part of PHEPA 1, written by Prof. Heather has recently been published by Alcohol Concern.  Internet access to the document is not free.

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