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Partner: Barfod, Sverre
The Alcohol Group, Central Research Unit of General Practice

Team Members: Lundh, Jesper  
Central Commitee of Quality and Information for General Practice

Groenbaek, Morten  
National Institute of Public Health

Broholm, Kit  
National Board of Health

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More information about Denmark

· Basic Information on Alcohol Policy
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol policy 2004
· Country Profile on alcohol
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol 2004

The Danish College of General Practitioners (Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin) and the Danish National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) have succeeded in elaborating and launching the Danish Clinical Guideline on handling alcohol problems in PHC (only available in Danish) and they are now working on the implementation.
- Spørg til alkoholvaner. Klinisk vejledning til almen praksis. Faglig redaktionsgruppe: Ulrik Becker, Lars Bjerrum og Sverre Barfod. 2010. Sundhedsstyrelsen og Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin.  

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