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Partner: Scafato, Emanuele     
Instituto Superiore Di Sanita, Scientific Governmental Research Organization  

Group Members: Allamani, Allaman           
Azienda Sanitaria Firenze, Centro Alcologico, Dipartimento Dipendenze

Patussi, Valentino       
Centro di Alcologia e della Nutrizione; University of Florence

Struzzo, Pierluigi         
Comunity Research Centre "G.A.Feruglio"

Luigi Canciani
Director of Ceformed - Centro Regionale di Formazione per l'area delle cure primarie

Marcomini, Franco
Associazione Eurocare Itali a

Codenotti, Tiziana             
Associazione Eurocare Italia           

Gandin, Claudia              
Instituto Superiore Di Sanita            

Documentation developed during the PHEPA I PROJECT
  Country Strategy
  Country profile
  Baseline Assessment

Translated Phepa documents

Clinical Guidelines
  Training Program

More information about Italy

· Basic Information on Alcohol Policy
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol policy 2004
· Country Profile on alcohol
Extract from WHO global status report on alcohol 2004

· Infrastructures for Alcohol Policy
Bridging the Gap Infrastructures questionnaire
Publication (both in english and in italian) of the PHEPA guidelines summary together with a short presentation by Dr. Emanuele Scafato and the Italian Country Strategy .         

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