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  Welcome to INEBRIA

INEBRIA is an international network of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders interested in the potential of brief interventions in health and other settings to reduce the harms produced by alcohol and other drug use. It aims to provide global leadership in the development, evaluation and implementation of evidence-based practice in the area of early identification and brief intervention for hazardous and harmful substance use.

 News and announcements

* 30/05/2017 The early bird registration deadline for the 13th Inebria Conference
The challenge of complexity: updating models and practices" has been extended to the 17th June. The conference will take place in Lausanne on 22nd and 23rd September.

All the information on registration and booking of accommodations is available at: www.inebria2016.ch.

* 26/04/2016 – New boletin of INEBRIA Latina and survey
A new boletin of INEBRIA Latina has been launched (link) with contributions from Dr. Maristela Monteiro Dr. Angélica María Claro from Colombia, and from Dr. Silvia Morales and Dr. Nadia Robles from Mexico.

Researchers from the region are also invited to respond to a survey :click aqui to find out the different areas of interest in the SBI topic.

* 31/03/2016 Annual Conference Update, Lausanne 2016
We would like to inform you that the deadline for abstract submissions has been extended until April 30th, 2016. In order to submit abstracts please use the forms available at: http://inebria2016.ch/submission/

* 22/03/2016 Annual Conference Update, Lausanne 2016
The 13th Annual Conference of INEBRIA will take place in Lausanne Switzerland on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September 2016 with the theme of "The challenge of complexity: updating models and practice". See also pre-conference workshop information below.
The meeting will provide a forum to showcase what has always been one of INEBRIA's greatest strengths: researching and summarizing recent advances and scientific evidence for Screening and brief interventions (SBI).
There will be a focus on innovative methods that take the intricacy of SBI into account: combinations of delivery modes, new models and theoretical approaches; current information technologies; unique settings and target populations; and some "outside the box" thinking strategies.

Plenary speakers will include:

  • Gail D'Onofrio, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, USA
  • Eileen Kaner, Professor of Public Health & Primary Care Research, Newcastle University, UK
  • John Cunningham, Professor, National Institute for Mental Health Research, The Australian National University
  • Steve Rollnick, Professor, co-founder of Motivational Interviewing, Cardiff, UK
Venue: Lausanne University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland

Registration and information: www.inebria2016.ch

Deadline for abstract submissions: April 1st, 2016

* 22/03/2016 Lausanne, 2016 - Pre-Conference Workshops
Two pre-conference workshops are available on Wednesday September 21st - the day before the start of the INEBRIA 2016 conference:

  • A 1-day workshop for health care practitioners: Brief Motivational Interviewing In Healthcare (9AM-5PM) providing an overview of and introduction to motivational interviewing and its potential for use in everyday healthcare settings. Separate registration: 180,- CHF (includes lunch and coffee/tea breaks). For more information: Tania.javaux@chuv.ch
  • A 2-hour workshop for researchers: Studying brief interventions mechanisms - Moderation, mediation, and moderated mediation analyses (3-5PM). Participants will learn how to design a conceptual framework of intervention potential mechanisms, and how to test these by running moderation, mediation, and/or moderated mediation analyses. This workshop is intended for a non-statistician audience. Participation is free for INEBRIA 2016 attendees but registration is mandatory. To register, please email inebria2016@chuv.ch. For more information: Jacques.Gaume@chuv.ch

* 22/03/2016 Annual Conference 2015 - Atlanta Conference Summary
Approximately 175 participants participated in the 12th INEBRIA conference, which took place in Atlanta on 24th and 25th of September 2015.

A total of 106 abstracts were submitted of which 45 were accepted as oral presentations and 28 as posters. Most of the presentations from the conference are now available here :

Four plenary sessions were held on: SBI for reducing alcohol-exposed pregnancies; Adolescent SBI for alcohol and drugs; SBI implementation in large healthcare systems; and brief interventions for unhealthy drug use.

During the INEBRIA Annual General Meeting, 28 new members were accepted into INEBRIA bringing the official membership to 579 researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders.

* 18/03/2016 INEBRIA Thematic Meeting in Stockholm (Sweden) on the 27th of May 2016 with the title "Rethinking alcohol interventions in health care"The meeting is organized by INEBRIA in collaboration with Karolinska institutet, the National Board of Health and Welfare, the Swedish Society of Medicine and Systembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly.
This one day meeting will discuss the following issues (see agenda) :

Does the SBIRT concept work?

  • Can heavy drinking/alcohol dependence be managed in general health care?
  • The stigma of alcohol problems and alcohol treatment: is treatment in general health care less stigmatizing?
  • Dependence: Is the dependence concept useful? Or would SBI work better if we talked about Heavy use over time instead?
  • How can we use research to improve treatment and care of patients; reflections from practitioners in Sweden.
The meeting will be hold in the facilities of the Swedish Society of Medicine in Stockholm (Sweden) and the registration fee will be of 1250 Kr (around 130 euros). For more information: http://www.conferencemanager.se/INEBRIA

* 15/01/2016 – Launch of INEBRIA 2016 Conference: registration and submission of abstracts openAll the information you need is available at: www.inebria2016.ch

  • Reduced fees by applying for membership before the 2016 conference. Register Now
  • Please submit the abstract for your proposed contribution (oral presentation, poster or symposia) using this on-line form before the 1st of April.For more information:inebria2016@chuv.ch

*   24/09/2015 The supplement “INEBRIA 12th Congress” has been published today.
The full content of the supplement can be found at http://www.ascpjournal.org/supplements/10/S2.

*  17/09/2015 13th INEBRIA Annual Conference - The challenge of complexity: updating models and practice, 22-23rd September 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland
The meeting program will provide a forum to showcase what has always been one of INEBRIA’s greatest strengths: researching and summarizing recent advances and scientific evidence for SBI. The meeting will provide an opportunity to further examine, develop, and implement SBI for unhealthy substance use. We would like the Lausanne meeting to focus on innovative methods that take the intricacy of SBI into account and integrate combinations of delivery modes, new models and theoretical approaches that delineate intervention content, by using current information technologies, unique settings and target populations (such as SBI in the context of harm reduction within vulnerable populations), and some “outside the box” thinking strategies.

Venue: Lausanne University Hospital – Switzerland

Organizing committee:
Nicolas Bertholet, MD, MSc
Jean-Bernard Daeppen, MD
Ruth Borloz, MA

Contact: inebria2016@chuv.ch

- Conference brochure
- How to get to Lausanne

* 24.07.2015 Junior Investigator Travel Award Program - Call for travel award application - INEBRIA 2015
Special travel awards (up to 13) of $1,250 funded by NIAAA and NIDA will be awarded to qualified junior investigators for attendance at the INEBRIA 2015 annual conference on September 24-25, 2015. Up to 5 additional travel awards from an additional funder of $1,500 each will be awarded to qualified junior investigators for attendance at both the INEBRIA 2015 conference (September 24-25, 2015) and the Preconference Workshop on Interprofessional Involvement in Screening and Brief Intervention, taking place Wednesday, September 23, 2015.

Have a look at
this document for eligibility criteria and application procedures. For more information please contact murray.shannon@navicenthealth.org

* 21/05/ 2015 - Nick Heather Lecture 2015
Dr. Richard Saitz, Chair and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University (BU) School of Public Health, and Professor of Medicine at BU School of Medicine, will deliver the 2015 Nick Heather Lecture at the INEBRIA conference in Atlanta. Dr. Saitz’ primary areas of expertise and research are screening and brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol and other drug use, integrating substance-related and general health care and improving the quality of care for people with addictions across the spectrum of use, particularly in general medical care settings. He has received numerous honours including the Research Society on Alcoholism Distinguished Scientist Award.
Dr. Saitz will discuss ‎the “State of the Science Regarding Screening and Brief Intervention for Drugs.” In this talk, he will review the literature with consideration of how to best interpret the latest findings and an eye towards implications for practice and research.

* 18/05/ 2015 - UK Alcohol Brief Interventions Webinar - May 26th, 2015
The cross UK evidence sharing project Evidence Exchange is hosting a webinar - Alcohol Brief Interventions: "Have A Word" - on May 26, 2015 - 15:00 BST

The webinar will offer an opportunity for evidence exchange between UK-based practitioners, working in health and community settings, around alcohol brief interventions. The webinar will open with a presentation from a practitioner experienced in delivering the "Have A Word" programme in Wales. "Have a Word" has trained over 7000 people - including youth workers, pharmacists, police officers and community leaders as well as a range of health workers. The presentation will outline how the Have a Word campaign has worked in practice; the experience of training people beyond health settings; the initial evidence on the programme’s impact; and plans for further evaluation. To register for free visit:https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8206168016671887105

* 18/05/ 2015 - Alcohol Policy in Practice, Postgraduate CPD Course, 1st – 4th September 2015, Sheffield, UK (see flyer)
The second annual Alcohol Policy in Practice course run by the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (www.ukctas.net) is now ready to take applicants. The course, which sold out in 2014, offers excellent, current and robust learning about issues in alcohol policy and practice, and a unique opportunity to network with leading academics and policy-makers in this field. Feedback from 2014 participants was exceptionally positive: “Thank you for a really fantastic course…All aspects of the course (delivery, venue, timekeeping, content) have been excellent.” To find out more about the course visit: http://ukctas.net/Alcohol-CPD.html or see this flyer. The deadline for early bird fees is 15th June 2015.

* 24/04/2015 - The call for abstract deadline has been extended until the 15th of May, 2015.

Please submit your abstract using this form and these instructions.

Registration is also open. Please visit the conference website for more information on registering and booking accommodation. 


* 15/04/2015 – 2016 INEBRIA Conference
We are glad to announce that the 13th INEBRIA Conference will take place the 22-23rd September 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland.


* 22/02/2015 - INEBRIA position on the alcohol industry
The INEBRIA position statement on the alcohol industry and the revision document are already posted at the “member section”.

* 06/02/2015 - The 12th Annual Conference of INEBRIA will take place in Atlanta, GA, USA, September 24-25, 2015.

This year’s theme is Interprofessional Involvement in Screening and Brief Intervention. Please plan to join us for a pre-conference workshop on September 23, 2015, where we will examine Policy and Practice of SBI Interprofessional Involvement. Highlights of the conference include:

  • A stimulating, eclectic gathering of researchers, educators and practitioners from various fields such as nursing, social work, pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, and many other professions who are joining in the important interprofessional work of screening and brief intervention.
  • An outstanding line-up of international plenary speakers including Drs. Antoni Gual (Catalonia), Preben Bendtsen (Sweden), Eileen Kaner & Jim McCambridge (UK), John Knight & Katharine Bradley (US)
  • A social dinner Thursday evening at the distinguished Carter Center, founded by former US President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. The Carter Center exists to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.
  • The annual Heather Lecture, delivered by Rich Saitz (USA), which will review emerging RCT results to summarize the “state of the science” on screening and brief intervention for unhealthy drug use
  • An enjoyable venue in the lively Buckhead area of Atlanta.
The call for abstract is now open until 30th of April. Please submit your abstracts using this form and these instructions.

All the information about the conference, including registration and booking of accommodation, is available at 12th INEBRIA Conference website.

* 24/11/2014 - Upcoming Alcohol & Other Drug Conferences

* 15/10/2014 - Summary of Warsaw conference

Approximately 114 participants participated in the 11th INEBRIA conference, which took place in Warsaw on 18th and 19th of September.
A total of 79 abstracts were submitted of which 45 were accepted as oral presentations and 19 as posters. Most of the presentations from the conference are now available here. Four plenary sessions were held on interpreting null findings from brief intervention trials, SBI for college student drinking, internet alcohol interventions and mechanisms of action of brief alcohol interventions.
During the INEBRIA Annual General Meeting, 41 new members were accepted into INEBRIA bringing the official membership to 549 researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from 40 different countries.
The next INEBRIA conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on 23rd to 25th September 2015, with a pre-conference workshop on 23rd September. The conference will cover a wide range of SBI topics as usual, while also covering the theme of interprofessional involvement in screening and brief intervention. More details here.

* July/August 2014 - 2014 - INEBRIA Conference Warsaw 17-19th September: Programme News

The programme for Warsaw 2014 will shortly be available. As well as the plenary speakers highlighted already, it will include:
  • Oral presentations: screening tools, adolescents, electronic brief interventions, integration into health policy and practice, different settings
  • Workshops: brief motivational interventions, randomised controlled trial design; developing evidence-based recommendations for practice from the BISTAIRS project.
  • Symposia: Screening and Brief Intervention across Settings, Patient Populations, and Providers and Implementing Brief Interventions (BI) in Primary Health Care (PHC) settings: Evidence from the ODHIN Project.

*July/August 2014 - 2014 - #UKAlcohol Twitter Discussion on Alcohol Brief Interventions

The UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies will host the second #UKAlcohol twitter discussion on the topic of alcohol brief interventions at 20.00 BST (19.00 GMT; 3pm/15.00 EDT) on Wednesday 13th August 2014. Anyone can join in, please use the hashtag #UKAlcohol or follow @ukctas. More details here.

* July/August 2014 - 2014 - New Discussion on Addressing Alcohol Problems in Primary Care

An article we highlighted previously “Should brief interventions in primary care address alcohol problems more strongly?” has generated an interesting series of responses in the journal Addiction:

The authors, Jim McCambridge and Stephen Rollnick have also responded to the issues raised in a commentary entitled: Big issues.

* July/August 2014 - INEBRIA to join ICARA Meeting 2014

Richard Saitz, Maristela Monteiro and Niamh Fitzgerald will represent INEBRIA at a meeting of the International Confederation of Alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) Research Associations (ICARA), September 4-5, 2014. ICARA is an organization for mutual collaboration for ATOD research associations. It aims to promote, support and enhance ATOD science locally and globally, by facilitating collaboration and exchange of information between and the development of ATOD societies especially in low or middle income countries and in countries with emerging ATOD problems as well as supporting scientific knowledge, integrity and ethics and advocacy in the use of evidence in policy and practice. The meeting will focus on ethics, conflict of interests, open access publication, co-operation between member organisations and development of ICARA.

* 13/06/2014 - Prof. Mary Larimer to deliver 2014 Nick Heather Lecture in Warsaw

The Annual Nick Heather Lecture for 2014 will be delivered by Mary Larimer, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Director, Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors, University of Washington. Prof. Larimer's research interests have covered prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug problems among adolescents and young adults (with a particular focus on college drinking prevention), initiation of drinking, co-morbidity, housing and treatment programs, and dissemination of evidence-based prevention and treatment approaches into clinical, school, and work-site settings.

* 15/05/2014 - Do you have a notice that may be of interest to INEBRIA members?

Remember you can post notices/news on the INEBRIA Google discussion group or to if you want to make them available to a wider audience, please send updates for the website to Niamh Fitzgerald..

* 15/05/2014 -2014 INEBRIA Conference - Plenary speakers confirmed include:

  • Jacques Gaume, Head of Research, Department of Community Health and Medicine, University Hospital of Lausanne
  • Molly Magill, Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University
  • Nick Heather, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University
  • Preben Bendsen, Professor, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University
  • Sven Andreasson, Professor, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

* 15/05/2014 - Upcoming Conferences List for INEBRIA Members Updated

Details of 2 new conferences added, plus link to presentations from previous conferences on the list where available. Available for download here.

* 15/05/2014 - New Course: Alcohol Policy in Practice, Sept 22nd-25th 2014, Edinburgh

The UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (a partnership of 13 universities working in this field) is running an intensive 4-day training course on alcohol policy and practice in Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2014. The course features inputs from Sir Ian Gilmore; the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group and other leading figures from UKCTAS institutions and partner organisations. The course is open to all, further details are available from this flyer.

* 15/04/2014 - Abstract submission deadline for the 11th INEBRIA Conference has been extended until 15th of May.

Abstracts on any aspects of screening and brief interventions for alcohol and other drugs use are welcomed.

Three types of abstracts will be considered (300 word limit—see submission form):
1) Research
2) Program (clinical or educational) evaluation
3) Workshops or experiential or theory-based/generating

For more information, please read the instructions carefully. Use this template to submit your abstract.

For questions on abstract submission: inebria@gencat.cat

* 11/04/2014 - 2nd meeting of the Pan-American Network on Alcohol and Public Health.

From 9th to 11th April, 2014, the second meeting of the Pan-American Network on Alcohol and Public Health (PANNAPH), was held in Cartagena, Colombia, organized by the PAHO/WHO. At this meeting, Dr. Joan Colom, member of the INEBRIA CC, presented the network and the INEBRIA Latina and urged all representatives to promote participation among the professionals in their countries. This action falls within the framework of INEBRIA's desire to expand to all regions of the world.

* 24/02/2014 - 11th INEBRIA Conference, Warsaw, 18th-19th Sept, 2014.

The conference is organized collaboratively between the State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol Related Problems (PARPA) and the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) with the suport of the INEBRIA Secretariat. It will take place in the Medical Faculty facilities.

In the conference website, www.inebria.pl you can find all the relevant information, including everything you might need to register and to submit abstracts.

For questions on registration and accommodation: inebria2014@parpa.pl
For questions on abstract submission: Inebria@gencat.cat

* 7/02/2014 - Alcohol/Drug Conferences 2014

INEBRIA has compiled a list of conferences which are coming up in 2014 which may be of interest to INEBRIA members. Please contact Niamh Fitzgerald if any are missing as the list can be updated regularly. If you are organising one of the conferences listed and would like to edit your entry (within reason) please also get in touch.

* 22/01/2014 - Recent Papers on Brief Interventions

INEBRIA hosts a database of relevant research papers that is updated every fortnight and free to access. The following is a selection of papers that have been published in the last few months. The database is much more comprehensive however if you wish to highlight an important paper that is missing, please contact Niamh.

* 20/01/2014 - Happy New Year from INEBRIA

On behalf of your committee, we would like to wish all INEBRIA members a happy and successful 2014. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our 11th Annual Conference in Warsaw Poland (18th/19th September 2014)
The INEBRIA Co-Ordinating Committee is:

Information about the SC  is available at the Members Section

* 14/11/2013

Special invitation from ASCP to INEBRIA 2013 presenters
Remember that the deadline for submission of papers to Addiction Science & Clinical Practice (up to 10), with author fees waived if accepted, is December 15th. This is a very special invitation and opportunity! Please read carefully this flyer for more information.

* 14/11/2013

Will it work on a wet Wednesday in Wigan?
A rapid report on the 2013 INEBRIA Conference Plenary entitled "Implementation Research and Screening and Brief Intervention: Challenges and Opportunities" is now available for download. Access each presentation where available by clicking on the presenters name.
Bob Huebner from the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism chaired this session which featured four speakers and a discussant from the US. Connie Weisner discussed how healthcare organisation, delivery, payment and insurance systems can greatly impact on SBI. Constance Horgan discussed the potential of financial incentive systems known as 'Pay for Performance' which are used to drive preventive activities in many countries but little used for SBI. Peter Anderson reviewed the SBI literature and was optimistic about the potential for SBI to reduce heavy drinking and mortality. Antoni Gual outlined some preliminary results from the Catalan strand of the multi-country ODHIN implementation study suggesting that financial incentives can result in small increases in alcohol screening rates. Finally, Richard Saitz outlined gaps in current evidence about implementation and effectiveness of SBI in practice, and called for 'disruptive innovation' in SBI implementation efforts.

* 23/10/2013

INEBRIA and the alcohol industry

The Co-ordinating Committee (CC) has been considering the relationship between the alcohol industry and INEBRIA (and brief interventions more broadly). The alcohol industry is spending more money on brief interventions globally and this has engendered a range of concerns, in the context of other actions being taken by the global alcohol industry. These include whether industry funded work should be acceptable at INEBRIA conferences and whether support for brief interventions is being used as a means to obstruct evidence based alcohol policies, as appears to be the case in Scotland.

Following a consultation at the recent conference in Rome, the CC has decided to establish an independent working group to carefully consider the issues in this area. All members interested in participating in the working group should indicate so by contacting INEBRIA Secretariat, no later than November 8th. More information and the terms of reference of the working group will be provided.

* 07/11/2013

INEBRIA 2013: Conference & AGM Update

  • Approximately 120 participants from 22 countries participated in the 10th INEBRIA conference, which took place in Rome on the 19th and 20th of  September.
  • A total of 106 abstracts were submitted of which 59 were accepted as oral presentations and 39 as posters. Presentations from the conference are now available here. Four plenary sessions were held including presentations from WHO representatives: Maristela Monteiro from PAHO and Lars Möller from WHO-Euro.
  • During the INEBRIA Annual General Meeting, 95 new members were accepted into INEBRIA bringing the official membership to 511 researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders from 39 different countries.
  • The next INEBRIA conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland from the 18th to 19th of September, 2014. The theme is "Brief Interventions: Recent Advances and New Applications"

* 23/10/2013

Conference Highlights: Inaugural Nick Heather Lecture: The Efficacy-Effectiveness Distinction If you missed the Inaugural Nick Heather Lecture: The Efficacy-Effectiveness Distinction in Trials Of Alcohol Brief Interventions at the recent INEBRIA conference, you can download an expanded summary and conclusions here. Delivering the inaugural lecture, Prof. Nick Heather discussed the terminology, ideal phases of development of trial research in health promotion, and the history of SBI research including the extent to which trials of alcohol SBI can be considered efficacy or effectiveness trials.

* 22/10/2013

ICBM 2014: CALL FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION AND EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION IS OPEN INEBRIA is co-sponsoring the addictive behaviors track of the biennial meeting of the International Society for Behavioral Medicine, to be held in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands in August 2014. We are keen to see content on all issues relating to brief interventions and intend organising symposia in addition to receiving individual abstracts. If you are interested in presenting brief interventions research at this meeting and may be interested in participating in symposia, please send an expression of interest to Anne Berman at the address below, not later than November 30th. Please note this is in advance of, and separate from, the January 15th 2014 deadline for abstract submission. For more information and instructions have a look at the ICBM website

* 04/10/2013

The 10th INEBRIA conference took place in Rome, Italy on 19th and 20th September, and was an inspiring and interesting event. Attended by an international audience of researchers and professionals, the conference heard plenary presentations on implementation issues relating to screening and brief interventions (SBI) as well as the inaugural Nick Heather Lecture - delivered by Nick Heather. There were 11 parallel symposia as well as a poster session and the INEBRIA annual general meeting. The conference venue and host city provided an impressive backdrop to a very successful event. More detail on key presentations as well as other news will appear here shortly, and presentations will be made available to INEBRIA members. You are also strongly encouraged to access the INEBRIA Google Group for more regular, and dynamic discussions about SBI for alcohol and other drugs.


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