Monistrol to Montserrat by Camí de les Aigües

This hill walk starts by taking the small path that comes out of the same area of Coll Cabiró, just where the sign is located. Climb up until you come across a wider track where you should turn left and pick up a gentler slope, in the direction of Montserrat Monastery.

After about ten minutes you should reach the intersection with the GR-96/GR-5 route, a path that goes up to the town of Monistrol located on your left.

Pass by a hydrant used for putting out fires. Go straight on along the wide track, where you'll see a sign prohibiting motorised vehicles, as well as a mobile fence. Along this part of the path you can enjoy wonderful views of the town of Monistrol.

Path of Les Canals or Les Aigües

You'll then reach the point where the two GR routes separate, where the path known as La Drecera dels Tres Quarts starts, marked by a sign.

Continue straight on along the same path, the Camí de les Aigües. A few metres further on you'll find a table with benches installed by the ADF of Monistrol de Montserrat, where you can take a break and enjoy views of the north side of the mountain.

Crossing point path of Les Aigües  path of Tres Quarts

Cross the river course of the Font del Boix along a cement walkway. The path takes you to another flat summit called Pla de Sant Bernat. There used to be a Catalan flag here and a small chapel dedicated to Sant Bernat de Menton. From here you can see the River Llobregat calmly winding its way through the valley and, on the other side, the Cul de Portadora hills.

Flat summit called Pla de Sant Bernat

Continue along the track in a southerly direction, leaving behind a path that joins on the left and goes directly up from the cable car station at the bottom. Pass below an electricity line and then, after a sharp bend to the right, you'll see a small stone building. This is the hut for the Montserrat water pumping station.

 Montserrat water pumping station

Leaving the hut to your right, take a path that goes upstream via some steps. The path is very steep and winding, almost always with stone steps. While you're climbing you can see, on a small projection and next to the River Llobregat, the old building of Colonia Gomis, testament to Monistrol's industrial past. Further on, on another projection to the left of the path, you can see the Capella de la Santa Cova (Chapel of the Holy Cave).

The old building of Colonia Gomis

Leave La Drecera dels Tres Quarts (GR-96) to the right and turn left, tackling the last steep section, once again via steps. The path runs along the pipe that carries drinking water to Montserrat and over the hill of Les Baranes.

From here, continue along the path until you find the path of the Santa Cova.

Confluence of paths GR-5/96 and path of Santa Cova

Turn right and take the paved path with wide steps that goes up a steep slope parallel to the railway track.

Path of Santa Cova

Cross in front of the cable car's top station and, finally, along some narrower steps, you can access Montserrat through the Plaça de la Creu.

Route Map

Route Map

Map of services on Montserrat

Map of services on Montserrat

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