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CECOT Companies and their Language Uses, Attitudes and Services, by the Institut DEP, Anna Prunés and Joan Solé i Camardons


We should take advantage of this open mind to approach and change the view of this group which may well not consider the promotion of the use of Catalan necessary in their company, despite seeing more business opportunities than threats.

Finally, we would also recommend the widespread diffusion and communication of the agreements signed between the Consorci per la Normalització Lingüística and CECOT, and of those signed with trade associations.

8. Listing of Linguistic resources for business companies

Further the interest showed by the companies about linguistic services, several centres of the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística drew up a Catalogue of linguistic services for business companies (Recopilació de serveis lingüístics per a l’empresa) which contents more than 80 resources and services related to:

1. Information on basic and specialized bibliography about Catalan

2. Computer Resources :
2.1 Information about spellchecks
2.2 Information about automatic translation
2.3 Information about software in Catalan

3. Specialized vocabularies

4. Information about models of administrative documents, payslips, etc.

5. Information about odd enquiries and specific terminology

6. Information about individual advice to draft models of documents for the company

7. Models of language tests in Catalan for personnel selection process

8. Design of linguistic training programmes

9. Tailor-made design of normalization or linguistic management plans

Those companies showing a greater interest about linguistic services were given all the information needed by means of interviews or by postal mail.

We would like to point out one the one hand some services available to the companies at the Centres of Linguistic Normalization, and on the other one a catalogue of on-line resources which completes that which was already published in the article "Usos, actituds i serveis lingüístics a les empreses d'assegurances", Noves SL, Spring 2002 <http://www.gencat/llengua/noves>.

Regarding general information about Catalan, spellchecks, automatic translation and so forth, please have a look at: <http://www6.gencat.cat/llengcat/noves/hm02primavera/catalana/a_sole9_9.htm#7.>

If you want to receive more information or you want to have at your disposal a taylor-made catalogue of linguistic resources according to the needs of your company, please be so kind to contact:

Secretaria de Política Lingüística: phone 93 567 10 00 or e-mail spl.vicepresidencia@gencat.cat

Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística: phone 93 272 31 00 or e-mail: cpnl@cpnl.cat

Centre de Normalització Lingüística Terrassa-Rubí: C. Sant Quirze, 2 Terrassa, phone: 93 731 79 08; terrassa@cpnl.cat

Institut DEP

Joan Solé i Camardons
Secretaria de Política Lingüística

Anna Prunés
Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística


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