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Sociolingüística internacional

A library with a language focus, HABE Liburutegia, by Imanol Irizar


The documentary products distributed digitally are:

  • Eskuratu Berrien Albistea (News Bulletin). Monthly.

  • Aldizkako Argitalpenen Katalogoa (Periodical publications catalogue). Annual.

  • Softwarearen Katalogoa (Software catalogue). Annual.

  • Softwarearen Katalogoa (Theses catalogue). Annual.

  • Softwarearen Katalogoa (Video catalogue). Annual.

Other services

  • Bibliographical advice for users who require it.

    Search for documents (books, articles...) that cannot be found in the library, although they coincide thematically with the themes of the library.

    Guided visits for groups.

5. Future plans

Our aims for the future are two-fold:

1. Firstly, we would like to provide more information about the documents contained in the library. To do so, we have begun a complex project involving the multilingual indexing of the library’s collections. Once this has been completed, thematic queries can be made in Euskera, Spanish, English and French. We would also like to offer users the possibility of visualizing the table of contents of books that have been scanned previously.

2. Secondly, we hope to increase the number of users and the distance use of the library. For this, we are launching a diffusion campaign next Autumn. We are also studying the possibility of offering ŕ la carte services to groups such as euskaltegis (adult teaching centres of Euskera).

Imanol Irizar. Head of HABE Liburutegia. i-irizar@habe.org

HABE Liburutegia
Vitoria-Gasteiz 3
20018 San Sebastián
Tel.: 943 02 26 04 / 02


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