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Postal voting (voting in Spain)

Once the elections have been called, voters can apply for a postal vote between 4 August and 17 September. 

You have to go in person to any post office and fill in the application form for the certificate of registration in the electoral roll. You must prove your identity with your National Identity Card (DNI), passport or driving licence (since these documents include the photograph and signature of the holder; photocopies are not accepted under any circumstances). 

Only in case of illness or disability certified by a medical certificate can a person other than the voter make an application to vote by post. To do this they must be authorised by a notarised or consular document issued individually (in these cases both the medical certificate and the notarial or consulate instrument are free). 

The period to apply for a postal vote is from 4 August to 17 September. 

More information: 

Once the provincial office of the Electoral Roll Office has received the application form and checked registration on the electoral roll, it will send an envelope with all the documents required to vote to the address you stated on the application form by registered post between 7 and 20 September. 

These documents include: 

  • The certificate of registration on the electoral roll.
  • A ballot paper for each list standing at the election.
  • The ballot envelope.
  • An envelope addressed to the chair of the committee where you have to cast your ballot.
  • A leaflet explaining the procedure to be followed.

No. Once you have received the documentation you have to sign the acknowledgment of receipt personally after your identity has been checked. 

If you are not at the address indicated on the application form of the certificate of registration in the electoral roll, you must go in person or send a representative authorised by a notary or consular instrument (in case of medically certified illness or disability) to the post office to pick up the documentation you need to vote by post after identifying yourself.

Once you have chosen the ballot paper and put it into the ballot envelope (or not put it in if you want to cast a blank ballot), you have to seal it and then you have to put the envelope containing your vote together with the certificate of registration in the electoral roll in the envelope addressed to the chair of the committee where you have to cast your ballot. 

The envelope addressed to the chair of the committee is the envelope you have to send by registered post no later than 23 September. (Extension of the deadline: until 24 September. Exceptionally, up to 2 pm on 25 September in those places where 24 September is a holiday)

You do not have to pay any postage.

Yes. People who want to apply to vote by post are entitled to leave of up to four hours to do so.