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Voting by prisoners

People who are in prison and have not been deprived of the right to vote can vote by post. 

In all prisons the rules for postal voting will be displayed to inmates and information sessions will be held. 

The procedure to be followed is as follows: 

  • The Governor of each prison, or the person appointed by them, has to ask the post office for one of its employees to come to the prison on a specific date between 4 August and 17 September (both inclusive) with the application forms for the certificates of registration on the electoral roll required to vote by post which inmates who wish to vote will have to fill in on the spot. 
  • If an inmate does not have a National Identity Card (DNI), the internal identity card which all inmates have in prison will be sufficient as long as it has a photo. 
  • The Electoral Roll Office will send sufficient ballot papers and envelopes to the prison which the post office employee will hand over in person to the inmates between 7 and 20 September. 
  • The inmate has to choose the ballot paper for the list they wish to vote for, put it in the envelope (or not put in any ballot paper if they want to cast a blank ballot) and then put this envelope in another envelope addressed to the relevant polling station committee no later than 23 September. 
  • The post office will deliver these envelopes to the relevant polling station committees on the day of the election.