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The Generalitat is the institutional system in which the self-government of Catalonia is organized. It consists of the Parliament, the Presidency of the Generalitat, the Government and the institutions, the Council for Statutory Guarantees, the Ombudsman, the Public Audit Office and the Catalonia Broadcasting Council.

The municipalities, regions and other local organizations determined by the law also constitute the institutional system of the Generalitat, through which the Generalitat is organized territorially, notwithstanding their autonomy.

The power of the Generalitat comes from the people of Catalonia and is exercised according to what is laid down in this Statute and the Constitution.

Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia

Unabridged edition of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy and documentation related with the appeals to the Constitutional Court and the subsequent ruling.

Guide to the Government of Catalonia

History, functions, competencies, economic resources of the institution, address search and Heads of Offices...

The Parliament

It represents the people of Catalonia and has legislative, elective and control functions.

The President

The highest representation of the Generalitat. Directs Government action.

The Government the Government portal for action and plan, team, strategic plans...


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